What 's our story?

Every great thing has a story, right?
Ours started with a friend's wedding. 

Creativity seemed to be an under-utilized strength, especially after working in the financial technology sector in Vancouver, BC.  So when a dear friend asked for help solving a wedding problem, little did we know where we would go.


The open air wedding would also host the reception, and the majestic old tree at the center needed a pretty new dress.  We designed hanging glass bowls with wire, beads and candles.  The subdued light made for a magical centerpiece and the guests could take home a hanging candle bowl.

So then a whole new problem arose.  Guests wanted more than one or two, because they wanted this same effect in their own garden or patio. We were taking orders for days afterward.  And so the signature line of Just Twisted was born.  I did a local church craft fair and sold out in hours.

Glass beads and wire would make just about anything look better. many years later we are still at it.  Creating fun new ideas by upcycling ordinary things into home decor wonders.   

Now retired and leaving the left coast for the right coast, POSH! has a happy home on the Halifax waterfront and we delight in creating our own designs and searching for other amazing lines from talented Canadian creators.